Wolff on Hamilton: "Then you would think he was fifteenth"

31-08-2020 18:50 | Updated: 31-08-2020 20:05
by GPblog.com
Wolff on Hamilton: Then you would think he was fifteenth

According to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton's pursuit of perfection is 'truly inspiring' for the entire Mercedes team. Hamilton won his fifth Grand Prix of the 2020 season on Sunday at Spa-Francorchamps on Sunday.

An inspiration for the team

"One of his character traits, which is truly inspirational for the whole team, is that as a person off track and a driver in the car he is just always able to improve," said Wolff about Hamilton at Channel 4.

According to Wolff, Hamilton reflects a lot. "You would think that a six-time World Champion, a global superstar of the sport, should say at a certain stage ‘that is good, what I’m doing’ but he would never do this," Wolff continues.

Hamilton breaks all records

Hamilton is currently breaking record after record and seems on his way to his seventh title, matching Michael Schumacher's record. According to Wolff, Hamilton's big challenge now is to drive to perfection.

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