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Italian media on Ferrari: ''Slow, poor and unreliable''

Italian media on Ferrari: ''Slow, poor and unreliable''

31-08-2020 10:29 Last update: 10:49


The Belgian Grand Prix is one that Ferrari will soon want to forget, but the question is whether that will be possible. In Italy, there is shame in the dramatic poor performance from the Italian team, who now turn their attention to the Grand Prix's in their own country.

Ferrari managed to win at Spa-Francorchamps last year, but at the Belgian Grand Prix in 2020 it is striking how much Ferrari has fallen back since the FIA's statement. In Belgium, it was so bad that Kimi Raikkonen managed to finish ahead of both Ferrari's in his Alfa Romeo. Italy feels it has been disgraced.

Italy speaks of Ferrari's disgrace 

''Slow, poor and unreliable'', the Italian La Repubblica said, for example, but after the Belgian Grand Prix La Gazzetta dello Sport goes one step further. ''A lack of ideas and guts. There is work to be done, but also time to reflect," is the headline of Italy's pink sports newspaper.

It only gets more painful, because the upcoming Grand Prix is at its own circuit in Monza and with the long straights, it seems likely that Ferrari will be slow again. The Italian team will be happy that there will be no fans at that Grand Prix, which will also be the case at Mugello a week later.

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