Bahrain circuit director: "We get two very contrasting races"

28-08-2020 13:26
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Bahrain circuit director: We get two very contrasting races

In Austria and the United Kingdom double races took place this year, but each time on identical tracks. A different layout at Silverstone is possible in practice, but before that the circuit did not have the required Grade 1 license. One track that does have that for all layouts is the Bahrain International Circuit, and as a result, the second Grand Prix on that track will be held on a different layout. This is what Formula 1 announced on Friday.

High speeds and fast lap times

Now that this has been established, Ross Brawn of Formula 1 will briefly discuss how they arrived at this result. "We assessed a number of options for the alternative circuit layout and concluded the outer circuit will provide the best alternative and will provide a new challenge for all the teams and entertain all our fans with high speeds and fast lap times.”

At, sheikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa, the circuit's director, also says: "We thank Formula 1 for all their work in analysing options for our second race and it’s a great testament to our venue that we will be able to hold what is likely to be very contrasting races on consecutive weekends."

Our outer track has never been used for international competitive racing, so will be a new and exciting challenge for all participants." Now that this has been established, the circuit is going to work with the Bahrain Motor Federation and the FIA to make all the elements of the circuit ready to meet the current standards of an F1 race.

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