Verstappen sees stronger qualifying mode at Renault than at Honda

15-08-2020 10:34 | Updated: 15-08-2020 12:06
Verstappen sees stronger qualifying mode at Renault than at Honda

Max Verstappen is not so happy with Pirelli's high tyre pressure for its Formula 1 tyres. According to the Red Bull Racing driver, this is not ideal and each team drives with the lowest possible tyre pressure, so there are no strategic differences between the race team in this respect. Furthermore, the nine-time Grand Prix winner states that Renault has a stronger qualifying mode than Honda.

"Yeah, you get to know everybody better. Especially my engineer (Gianpiero Lambiase) and that's the most important thing in the end", says Verstappen at Ziggo Sport when he looks back at the differences between how he arrived at Red Bull in 2016 in Barcelona and how things stand now. "We don't really need to talk to each other anymore. We know exactly how you are going to fine-tune that car. You have to feel each other very well."

Last weekend there was enormous blistering at Silverstone. In conversation with Olav Mol, Verstappen indicates that the pressure of the Pirelli tyres is actually far too high. "Everyone is already at the lowest level (in terms of tyre pressure). They are so ridiculously high at Pirelli that you don't want to go higher. The (development of blisters) can be due to different things. It can be caused by camber, the angle of the tyre , or the adjustment of the suspension."

Renault has stronger qualifying mode than Honda

According to the 22-year-old Dutchman, Renault suspects that it can make a bigger step in Q3 in terms of engine power than Honda. "With Mercedes you can clearly see that there is a big step with that qualifying mode and also with Renault you can see a step. At Ferrari and with us it is the lesser. They say that Mercedes is slowed down, but in the dominant years of Red Bull that is what happened. Then things were also taken away halfway through the year", said Verstappen, who is in favour of abolishing 'party mode'.

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