Russell admits he was wrong: "To a certain extent, Verstappen is right"

15-08-2020 09:50 | Updated: 15-08-2020 10:02
Russell admits he was wrong: To a certain extent, Verstappen is right

George Russell has responded to the criticism he received from Max Verstappen after defending Alexander Albon after qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Williams driver agrees with the Dutchman 'to a certain extent'.

After Saturday on the Hungaroring, Russell defended his good friend Albon. The British-Thai didn't get further than a thirteenth place in Budapest, but according to the 22 year old driver, that was more due to the performance of the RB16 than to the qualities of Albon.

What did Russell and Verstappen say?

Russell said in front of the Sky Sports camera that Albon is one of the best drivers in Formula 1 and that drivers like Verstappen and Charles Leclerc would agree. However, the shape of Red Bull's 2020 car made Albon look like an idiot after failing Q3, in Russell's view.

Verstappen reacted quite vehemently to the statements of his generation afterwards. "I don't think George has the faintest idea of what's going on in our team, so I think he'd better focus on his own car before taking on someone else".

Russell responds to comments Verstappen

A month later Russell now responds to the comments of the nine-time Grand Prix winner. "He's right about that to a certain extent. It's not my job to say what's wrong and what isn't", he is quoted by However, Russell would like to emphasize that it is a 'natural reflex' for him to defend a good friend like Albon when he is criticised.

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