Red Bull versus Mercedes: Where does Red Bull drop stitches?

14-08-2020 20:59 | Updated: 14-08-2020 22:51
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Red Bull versus Mercedes: Where does Red Bull drop stitches?

Of course we could all see that once again Mercedes were by far the fastest on Friday. Unfortunately, Max Verstappen had a hard time keeping up on the short qualifying runs. In the race simulation Verstappen was a lot closer, but Mercedes seem to be just a bit faster. But where is Mercedes faster than Red Bull Racing? Formula1 has their analysis of today.

If everything goes normally, it doesn't seem that Verstappen will be able to outsmart the Mercedes in qualifying. Team boss Christian Horner already called the speed of Mercedes there "very competitive", but the Englishman is not really right: Mercedes was on average (over the two free practice sessions) one second faster than team Red-Bull. 

The race simulations very favorable

Mercedes have more to fear about on the long runs. The gap in the long runs in FP2 was about two tenths. And to think Red Bull was still five-tenths slower last week in the race simulation at Silverstone. We all know who won that race.

Mercedes seems to win the most in the slow corners in Spain. Where Mercedes used to have so many problems with downforce, now it seems to have more than had enough!

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