Criticism of Ferrari: ''It's not just one man who has to change everything"

14-08-2020 09:30 | Updated: 14-08-2020 11:12
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Criticism of Ferrari: ''It's not just one man who has to change everything

The unrest at Ferrari is back to normal. The race stable has the most resources at their disposal but now roam around in midfield. Flavio Briatore insists it won't be just one person that changes their fortunes.

''It's not just one man who has to change everything, it's the whole mentality that has to change there. Ferrari became competitive in 2000 because they took over seven or eight engineers from Benetton. Men like Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne. That is not enough for Ferrari in its current state," says Flavio Briatore in the blog of Betway.

Briatore points to problems of Ferrari

The former team boss of Benetton later renamed Renault, puts his finger on what problems they have.. ''They have to find out how they have problems with aerodynamics every time. They do have an advanced wind tunnel. They used an engine last year that is now braked and you can tell,'' says the flamboyant Italian.

''Everything has to fit if you want to be fast. The drivers have to be able to drive with a free spirit, the car has to work well, the aerodynamics have to be good, but now the Ferrari is just too slow in all conditions. That's odd, because a slow car is sometimes fast in the rain. But not the Ferrari'," concludes Briatore, who is seen by Bernie Ecclestone as the ideal team boss for Ferrari.

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