Verstappen: "Three triple-headers in a row is more or less the limit"

13-08-2020 19:47
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Verstappen: Three triple-headers in a row is more or less the limit

Because of the postponed season, many races are now being driven close together. This weekend we're going to the end of the second triple header in just seven weeks and that's a lot, a lot. After a week of rest another triple header follows and the question is logically what the limit is. During the press conference on Thursday this was presented to Alexander Albon and Max Verstappen.

Many triple-headers

Verstappen: "For now it's fine, we've had a long break, but I don't expect or hope we'll continue doing triple-headers next year, because that would be a bit too much. But if we can do two weekends in a row that's fine, with a week in between as a break."

"At the moment, we have to accept this, we have to ride the races. We now have three triple-headers in a row and I think that's the limit." After the last triple header there is a week of rest and then another Grand Prix, followed by another break, which gives some more breathing space.

Two day weekend

Albon: "We're here to race, so we can't complain on that front. But it's a lot of races, I think it would have been good if we had done that two-day weekend at the second Silverstone. But it's fine", the Brit says when asked if it isn't exhausting.

The latter is interesting, because that's what Formula 1 wants to do during the Imola Grand Prix. This is to relieve the teams and drivers a bit, but at the same time there hasn't been F1 on that circuit for years. In that context, a well-known circuit would have been more practical, as Albon points out.

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