Hamilton on party mode: "They're not gonna get the result they wanted anyway."

13-08-2020 16:52 | Updated: 13-08-2020 18:51
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Hamilton on party mode: They're not gonna get the result they wanted anyway.

Lewis Hamilton didn't respond very happy to the news that the FIA wants to ban the qualifying mode from the Belgian Grand Prix onwards. The British driver also does not think that the International Motorsport Federation will achieve its goal of curbing Mercedes' dominance in Formula 1.

Hamilton pounces on competition

"It doesn't make us nervous. On the contrary, a nice challenge awaits us," said Hamilton in the FIA press conference about the threat from Red Bull Racing and Verstappen. On the Saturdays the Mercedes are still significantly faster, but it turns out that they can be attacked on Sunday.

Especially the party-mode that Mercedes uses on the Saturday is of great benefit to the team. There is a lot of talk about banning it in order to make racing fairer. "They are trying to slow us down", the Mercedes driver continues. "But it's not a problem for us. They're not going to get the result they have in mind."

Bottas is not so decisive

Teammate Valtteri Bottas is a bit more moderate and is waiting. The Finn says: "It's difficult to say how much the different engine suppliers will lose because of a possible ban".

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