Turrini: "There's nothing more at stake, but Vettel deserves a better departure"

13-08-2020 12:12 | Updated: 13-08-2020 14:22
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Turrini: There's nothing more at stake, but Vettel deserves a better departure

Italian sports journalist Leo Turrini believes that Sebastian Vettel deserves a better farewell at Ferrari than he currently is receiving. The German currently has a very bad season with only 10 points gathered over five races. Besides that, the relationship between Vettel and the Scuderia is getting worse every race.

"It's happening as predicted", Turrini opens in his column. He presses Vettel with his nose on the facts: "After five races the German has less than a quarter of the points of his team mate. The car is what it is, for both of them. But the confrontation gets more and more embarrassing."

Vettel very dissatisfied

Vettel has been on a dead end at Ferrari since the announcement of his departure and also seems to have little confidence in the team itself. "Seb no longer hides the mistrust of those who manage the team, just look at what he said about the strategy."

"There's no more at stake because of the disastrous limitations of the SF1000. But Vettel deserves a better departure", concludes Turrini.

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