Verstappen not impressed by milestone: "This is just the beginning"

12-08-2020 18:56
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Verstappen not impressed by milestone: This is just the beginning

For Max Verstappen the season didn't start as he had hoped. After the winter tests in Barcelona Mercedes already looked very strong, but the backlog that Red Bull Racing caught up in the first few races was still considerable. With last Sunday's victory, the Dutchman still keeps the connection in the championship.

In the team's Talking Bull podcast, in which Max is interviewed together with his father, he explains that this is also the goal for now: gather as many points as possible. "Of course Mercedes is a little too dominant at the moment, but we're not trying to lose too many points and then we'll see what happens. A lot of things happen in the races."

Verstappen does not look at the number of starts

Verstappen says the team has managed to get the most out of the first race so far, despite the dropout. Now it is his hope that the difference with Mercedes will narrow in the further course of the season.

Nevertheless, Verstappen still reached a milestone in the past races. He has now driven more F1-races than his father. "I don't care about it that much, the number of starts. It was always the goal to win races and fight for the championship, so if you do that it is normal to hopefully drive 200 or 300 races in Formula 1. It's just the beginning."

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