Button misses the 'old' Vettel. "He didn't put a foot wrong then"

12-08-2020 17:27
by GPblog.com
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Button misses the 'old' Vettel. He didn't put a foot wrong then

Jenson Button remembers a Sebastian Vettel who did not do anything wrong in Formula 1. The Brit misses the fast German and hopes he can quickly regain his form.

Poor results

Vettel has been in a negative spiral for a long time. In 2020, only ten points were scored in five races for Ferrari so far, while his teammate Charles Leclerc was already on the podium twice. Sky presenter and former Formula 1 driver Jenson Button says he misses the 'old' Vettel

"I want him to do well", Button says to Sky Sports F1. "His head has dropped, and hopefully we're going to come to the race next weekend and it's the Sebastian Vettel that we are used to."

Unbeatable Vettel

Button looks back at the Vettel from ten years ago, where he raced against himself. "I remember in 2010-2013 when I was competing against him, most of the time he didn't put a foot wrong. He was always there and could always get a lap out of the car. He just can't do that at the moment."

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