Verstappen knows where Red Bull is: "I'm not gonna tell fairy tales."

12-08-2020 12:08
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Verstappen knows where Red Bull is: I'm not gonna tell fairy tales.

Max Verstappen's first victory this year is in. The Dutchman somewhat easily won the 70th anniversary race at Silverstone. With the Spanish GP just around the corner, the chances of a possible world title this year for Verstappen have not diminished.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko believes that a world title for Verstappen is still possible. Verstappen himself, thinks differently about the gap to Mercedes: "It is realistic to say that fighting for the championship is going to be very difficult. Maybe we can fight for a victory, but over the whole season it is more difficult because there are very few things you can change on the engine," says Verstappen in an interview with Marca.

Verstappen disappointed? 

You would expect Verstappen to be rather disappointed, now that he doesn't think he can fight for the title. In spite of that Verstappen is sober about it, as we all know him: "I'm not going to tell fairy tales, I'm honest and clear. The only way to move forward is to keep working, to be better than them (Mercedes) and reduce the difference".

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