Albon impresses Red Bull: ''I'm really impressed with his racing craft''

12-08-2020 07:40 | Updated: 12-08-2020 10:30
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Albon impresses Red Bull: ''I'm really impressed with his racing craft''

During the second Grand Prix at Silverstone Alexander Albon showed to be able to race well, but again it was the Saturday that hurt Albon. Red Bull Racing and Christian Horner, however, continue to defend the Thai and say they give him time.

‘’Alex wasn’t happy with his Q3 performance on Saturday, he was a few tenths short of where he would have liked to have been on the soft tyre, but his performance again on Sunday was fantastic. He really delivered everything we could have asked for in and, in another couple of laps he would have been on Charles Leclerc's tail. What really impressed me was his race craft. It was clean but firm and extremely brave with some great overtakes around the outside of Copse being the real stand-out’’, Horner says in his column for Red Bull.

Does Albon get the time?

Red Bull Racing had hoped to compete for the title with Mercedes this year, but still has a car that is not quite capable of doing so. Max Verstappen is able to stay close, but drivers such as Pierre Gasly and Albon are struggling a bit with the car. Red Bull's confidence doesn't say everything in this respect either, since Gasly suddenly lost his seat after reassuring words.

‘’It is all about confidence and everyone has to remember that Alex has not got a lot of F1 experience compared to his teammate. People say F1 is not a school, but in many ways it is as these drivers are constantly learning and evolving. Max would tell you the exact same thing, it takes time to perfect everything when you are competing against the best at the top of any sport. It is a steep learning curve, particularly when the car is a little moody on occasions but we are all working to get the best out of the car and both drivers’’, Red Bull's team boss decides.

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