Hulkenberg next to Verstappen? "I don't see Red Bull Racing doing that''

12-08-2020 06:58 | Updated: 12-08-2020 10:29
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Hulkenberg next to Verstappen? I don't see Red Bull Racing doing that''

Nico Hulkenberg was brought in pits just before the end of the second GP at Silverstone and gave his track position to Lance Stroll as a present. Everyone is wondering why the team made this choice? Former F1 Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos looks back on the race of Hulkenberg.

Is Stroll helped by Racing Point?

''Of course, you could say it was remarkable, but he said himself about the onboard radio that he suffered from vibrations. I think that's why the team's bringing him in. They just want those points and for the team it doesn't matter which of the two ends up at the front," said Doornbos in his column for Ziggo Sport.

With Alexander Albon's performance still lacking a bit, Hulkenberg is also a name that is been connected to Red Bull Racing, but would that be a logical option? Red Bull actually always opts for talent from its own training, but is that still profitable if those talents don't turn out to be good enough?

Where is Hulkenberg going?

''Hulkenberg could be a good teammate for Max, but Albon has the chance to show what he can do. It will take him a long time to get started, but he has shown racecraft. Hulkenberg is a good driver, but I don't see Red Bull contracting him for next year as they will shooting themselves in the foot with their talent programme.''

Hulkenberg would like to go back to Formula 1 and according to Hulkenberg is still in talks with two different teams. According to Doornbos there are two options for the German: ''I'll see him back at Haas or Alfa Romeo'', the former Formula 1 driver concludes.

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