Is Hulkenberg switching to Alfa Romeo? "There's been talks"

11-08-2020 14:48 | Updated: 11-08-2020 15:12
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Is Hulkenberg switching to Alfa Romeo? There's been talks

For Nico Hulkenberg the past three weeks have been a huge roller coaster. Suddenly he had to replace Sergio Perez for Racing Point. During the two Grands Prix at Silverstone the German had to get behind the wheel of an F1-car again after eight months without racing. In the first weekend Hulkenberg couldn't start due to a problem with his car, but in the second race he gave his business card by qualifying at P3. He himself indicates that he would like to be on the grid full-time next year.

One of the teams Hulkenberg would like is Alfa Romeo. Fred Vasseur's team is now in the rearguard of the grid, but is looking for improvements. Hulkenberg could be a contender for this and in the F1 Nation podcast the German says that it captured his interest. "Yes, yes is the short answer. Of course I would very much like to return to Formula 1."

Talks with Alfa Romeo

"I still love it here, it's my passion. I'm not hopeless but I would love to come back and race again". The German driver has previously indicated that he is talking to different teams, but he now makes it clear that the conversations are with Alfa Romeo among others. "I've already had a number of conversations with Fred (Vasseur, ed.) in recent months."

Whether there will actually be a deal with the team is still unclear. According to Hulkenberg that depends on a lot of factors before he will actually sign with Alfa Romeo. "Of course, making a deal involves a lot of things. You have to take the whole package into account," Hulkenberg concludes.

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