Hamilton congratulates Verstappen and Red Bull: "It was a huge challenge"

09-08-2020 15:50
by Louis Shaw
Hamilton congratulates Verstappen and Red Bull: It was a huge challenge

Lewis Hamilton finished second at Silverstone. The Mercedes driver was trumped with the strategy by Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing.

When getting out of the car, Hamilton asks Verstappen: "Didn't you have any problems with your tyres at all?" The 22-year-old Dutchman answered: "Only in the second stint."

At that moment Verstappen was driving the mediums, which he decided to change for a new set of hard tyres after six laps.

Hamilton congratulates Verstappen

"It was a huge challenge," said Hamilton to Martin Brundle in an initial reaction. The 35-year-old driver congratulates Verstappen and Red Bull on their first win of the year. "If you look at their tyres, they didn't have the problems that we did have."

"It was unexpected that we had so many blisters on the tyres. We haven't had this before, the team will no doubt look at it," said Hamilton, who doesn't know why Red Bull suffered much less from the tyre degradation. "We're going to look at it, I don't know if there were others who suffered as much as we did."

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