Verstappen: "If it's slower, it'll go off the car!"

07-08-2020 19:34 | Updated: 07-08-2020 22:47
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Verstappen: If it's slower, it'll go off the car!

Max Verstappen was satisfied after the Friday at Silverstone for the second Grand Prix on the circuit. Verstappen finished in third place with his Red Bull Racing in the first free practice session and in the second free practice he had to leave Daniel Ricciardo's Renault in front of him as well as both Mercedesses.

Trying a lot of new things

Remarkable about the Friday of Verstappen was that he did ten laps without setting a time. "Did a lot of aerotesting today. We tried a lot of different things on the car about those laps I drove in and out. After that we drove a few more laps and that felt okay", says Verstappen at Ziggo Sport F1 Café.

They ask Verstappen what happens if an update doesn't work. "You try to find things everywhere now of course. Then that part also comes to the circuit. If the team thinks it's better, they have to find out first that it's actually better. If it's slower, it's slower. Then it also goes off the car. If it doesn't feel good, but it's faster, then I'll adjust", the Dutchman continues.


"You shouldn't expect miracles, you've got the same car again. Then suddenly things are going a lot better. The tires are a bit softer, but that's the same for everyone. I don't think there's much difference between the teams in terms of performance", Verstappen concludes.

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