Criticism of the FIA: "It's like robbing a bank and keeping the money"

07-08-2020 18:58 | Updated: 07-08-2020 19:09
Criticism of the FIA: It's like robbing a bank and keeping the money

Racing Point's brake ducts were declared illegal on Friday morning. The FIA penalty turned out to be a fine of €400,000 and a 15 points deduction in the world championship. Analysts and racing drivers Robert Doornbos and Tom Coronel do not understand this at all.

"Then I really asked myself what Formula 1 is doing", said Doornbos in the broadcast of the Formule 1 cafe

Doornbos is surprised about the punishment the stewards have given. "Especially if you know you can keep using it. I read it and in my opinion, you can compare it to someone who robs a bank, who gets caught while he is allowed to keep the money. That's what it comes down to," he outlines the situation. The brake ducts have been declared illegal, but they don't have to be removed from the RP20 in 2020.

FIA has to clarify

In any case, the FIA has already announced that the regulations for 2021 will clearly state that the copying behaviour of Racing Point will no longer be permitted. "The regulations are actually the problem because the FIA doesn't really know what to do with this," Coronel says.

The WTCR driver believes that such a light punishment now could endanger the future of the sport. "This penalty is given for a copied part, so that means that all other teams who do this will get the same penalty. They can never get more than that."

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