Mercedes still not happy with Concorde Agreement: "Still a lot of open topics"

07-08-2020 15:35 | Updated: 07-08-2020 16:46
Mercedes still not happy with Concorde Agreement: Still a lot of open topics

In five days, the Concorde Agreement must be signed by all teams. The agreement covers a number of commercial parts between the teams. Several teams, such as Ferrari and McLaren, have already indicated that they will sign the agreement. However, Mercedes is still waiting and would rather not sign the current contract.

That's what Toto Wolff said at the press conference, where Autosport was present. "We at Mercedes have always made it clear that we are in favour of an equal distribution of the prize money. The way in which success is rewarded and is possible for everyone, we have no problems with that". 

Mercedes not ready for agreement yet

"It is true that we are the biggest victims of the loss in prize money. Ferrari keeps its dominant position and Red Bull also has AlphaTauri as extra income. So we will suffer the most", Wolff explains. "We think Mercedes has brought a lot to this sport. Besides the fast car on the track we also have a driver who has the most international attention", Wolff refers to Lewis Hamilton.

"So it feels that we are not being treated well in the discussions we have. That's why there are a lot of loose ends for us around the agreement". That's why Wolff thinks it's not the right time yet. "From our perspective, we're not ready to sign the Concorde Agreement yet," concludes Wolff.

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