Horner about Albon: "The most important thing is that he's going to qualify better

07-08-2020 13:39 | Updated: 07-08-2020 16:41
by GPblog.com
Horner about Albon: The most important thing is that he's going to qualify better

For Alex Albon, the start of the season did not go as expected. The Thai driver at Red Bull Racing had many chances in the opening races, but in Austria, he came into contact with Lewis Hamilton.  In Hungary and Britain, Albon struggled to qualify well. Still, Christian Horner, team boss of Red Bull, remains hopeful. 

"I think the media is a little hard on him," explains Horner in front of the Sky Sports camera. "If you take into account the lack of experience and what he's accomplishing, you'll see that he's already doing much better. Just look at the race he did last Sunday. He managed to limit the damage and end up in the points."

Albon a great driver

"He achieved that by doing some good catching up." Horner does not think that Albon should be afraid that his seat will be in danger before 2021 because the Thai has no contract for that year yet. "He is a great driver and he has proven that several times."

"He just has to make sure he has better qualifying on Saturday so he has a good starting position for the race. He'll also start driving better races with better results," Horner concludes.

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