Todt admires Hamilton's dominance: "All records will be broken"

06-08-2020 11:21 | Updated: 06-08-2020 11:30
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Todt admires Hamilton's dominance: All records will be broken

Lewis Hamilton is well on his way to break just about all of Michael Schumacher's records, including his seven Formula 1 titles. Jean Todt hopes to keep the records of the German, but in the meantime sees it as inevitable.

A few years ago, the records of seven world titles seemed untouchable. No one would ever come close to the achievements of Michael Schumacher in Formula 1. In the year 2020 Lewis Hamilton is however on his way to match or break all the achievements of the German.

Jean Todt continues to hope that the record of Michael Schumacher will be maintained. "To be very honest, if you are linked to a record, then of course you hope that that record remains", the FIA top man tells several media at Silverstone, including The Frenchman was the team boss at Ferrari during Schumacher's dominant period in the sport.

Still, Todt sees the advance of Hamilton as inevitable. "On the other hand, a record only has a certain expiration date. All records will be broken in the long run. In addition, Mercedes and Hamilton are doing everything they can to improve the records and in some cases they have already done so".

Admirable performance

The top man of the FIA certainly has respect for Hamilton's performance. "It's great to hear that he has achieved 91 pole positions and 85 or 86 victories compared to 91. Even if you say it's other times and the like, it shouldn't be included when it comes to records. That's not part of it."

"It's clearly admirable. If it's what they deserve, then you can only congratulate them for it," concludes Todt.

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