Horner sees mechanics being better protected: "Not like in the good old days"

06-08-2020 06:23
by GPblog.com
Horner sees mechanics being better protected: Not like in the good old days

With hopefully seventeen Grands Prix in just a few months it is a very busy period for the mechanics of all teams in Formula 1. They make long days on the track and are much from home, but according to Christian Horner the stress level is still manageable.

"The life of a mechanic today is very different from ten or fifteen years ago, especially with the Parc Ferme rules," says Horner in conversation with Motorsport-Total.com and others. In the German medium, Red Bull Racing's team boss says that the rules ensure that mechanics don't make too long days. "They have a certain amount of time that they are not allowed on the track, so a triple header is much more bearable".

Not to compare with the past

That Formula 1 introduces such rules is very important for the mechanics. In this way they are protected against working far too long. "It's not like the good old days anymore", Horner remembers about the night shifts that made bizarre hours in the past. "But in the end, everyone here loves racing."

Anyway, everyone at Red Bull is happy to be riding again. "If they all had the choice of not having a championship or having three or even four races in a row, each of them would vote to be on the track to race".


According to colleague Franz Tost of AlphaTauri, triple-headers are easy to do at the moment that, like at Silverstone, there are two rides at one location. "I don't see a big problem, because it's only one time you change location. I don't see anyone who's tired. At least not at AlphaTauri".

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