Pirelli points to rejection of the teams: ''Those tires were a lot firmer''

05-08-2020 06:20
by GPblog.com
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Pirelli points to rejection of the teams: ''Those tires were a lot firmer''

Pirelli couldn't sit still after the British Grand Prix, because with three broken tyres there was work to be done. The reason for all the damage now seems to have been found and Silverstone is also looking for a solution.

''The initial investigation shows that pressure was initially lost and that the puncture was caused by pressure on the tyre. With the tyre that we had developed for 2020, this would have happened less quickly, because it was built a little stronger'', says Mario Isola according to Racefans.net about the tyres that were rejected by the Formula 1 teams.

Silverstone at work

However, it's not just Pirelli's tyres that are being looked at, because on the track all the necessary residual waste from Kimi Raikkonen's car was also found. This could also have caused the tyres to break down and that's why Silverstone adapts the kerbs in Maggots and Becketts to the standards of 2019.

''Probably some of the kerbs were left with pieces that caused the cuts in the tires. That Silverstone is going to work on that now, so that is good,'' said Pirelli's top man. It remains to be seen whether this will solve the problem for the second Grand Prix in Great Britain, because with the softer tyres it will be a spectacle at all.

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