Room for improvement for Albon: 'That's what I have to work on this weekend'.

04-08-2020 14:23 | Updated: 04-08-2020 15:16
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Room for improvement for Albon: 'That's what I have to work on this weekend'.

Alexander Albon has to start challenging Max Verstappen. That's already quite a challenge for a young F1 driver. During the last race at Silverstone Albon showed to have a good long run pace. Nevertheless, the Thai finished on P8. According to him the lack of pace is mainly duriig the short runs.

Strong comeback during first race

In the first lap Albon bumped Kevin Magnussen off the track for which he received a five second time penalty. Things didn't run so smoothly on his side of the Red Bull garage after that: "We were one pit stop behind and also had a five second penalty. It didn't seem so good, but in the end we came back very strong".

"Of course, P8 isn't where we wanted to be in the end, but if you look at where we were after the first few laps you can say we made a good comeback", Albon notes in his Red Bull race preview.

Improve on the short runs for race two

So for the second race Albon has to improve. P8 is not acceptable if your teammate manages to get P2. Considering the current situation on the grid, Albon should be able to get P4 at least behind the Mercedes and Verstappen.

"This weekend I have to learn to be more comfortable with the car. The pace on the long runs is good, but I really need to work on the pace on the short runs. Luckily we're on the same track as last weekend; we can immediately see what we've learned and where I still need to improve".

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