Verstappen: "You never know what's gonna happen next weekend."

04-08-2020 13:37 | Updated: 04-08-2020 15:15
Verstappen: You never know what's gonna happen next weekend.

Max Verstappen looks ahead to this year's second British GP. The second race will also be held at Silverstone. Verstappen ended up second in the first race, despite a ''boring'' race, and scored some important points for Red Bull Racing. Getting so many points is important for Red Bull Racing because it puts more pressure on rival Mercedes.

Closing phase Silverstone was crazy

In the Red Bull Preview Verstappen indicates that despite the considerable gap with Mercedes during qualifying it is still very satisfying that he manages to grab so many points every time: "That's because we get the most out of every weekend. You can see that in those two consecutive second places".

"Of course we're still missing some pace compared to Mercedes, but it's very good to be on the podium. You never know what's going to happen next weekend, the final phase of last race was crazy."

New strategy, new opportunities for Verstappen

With the softer tyres than were present last weekend, another race will most likely unfold. That's how Verstappen thinks: "The compounds are getting softer this weekend, it's getting warmer and the strategy could very well be different, so I'm really looking forward to it".

"We've all been at Silverstone for a week now, so everyone knows exactly what they're doing on the track. I'm curious if we can learn even more about the car and develop it even further".

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