Webber about Grosjean: ''He doesn't understand a thing''

04-08-2020 08:59
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Webber about Grosjean: ''He doesn't understand a thing''

Romain Grosjean came under fire after his performance at the Grand Prix of Great Britain. There the Frenchman went over the line in a duel with Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo and so the driver of Haas can't count on many nice words.

Grosjean doesn't understand racing

"I don't think he understands the rules of wheel-to-wheel racing. He moves very late while defending, but says he leaves enough space on the track. He does, but when he's swinging back and forth at such a high speed. I think he doesn't understand at all what wheel-to-wheel racing is all about," Mark Webber says on Channel 4.

Romain compared his own action with Max Verstappen's from the past, but according to Webber that kite doesn't work. ''He's talking about Verstappen, but that's from the past and we're much further ahead. He is chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association. He should know the rules,'' said Webber, who is supported by colleague David Coulthard.

''He has had enough chances and continues to make mistakes like this. It's frustrating because there are plenty of drivers who can race well without getting a warning flag,'' says Coulthard. Ricciardo and Sainz were also dissatisfied with the Frenchman's actions, although Ricciardo was kind to his colleague.

Sainz is furious

''As long as he knows this was on the limit'', Ricciardo told Sky Sports. Sainz, on the other hand, was far from mild. ''It was very dangerous what Grosjean did. That's just not acceptable. We're going 300 kilometers per hour and then you have to have a little more respect for each other. Now we're almost crashing because he's changing direction so late. He will be sorry when he sees the images, because this is dangerous and we can't accept it'', said the Spaniard.

The actions at Silverstone will have a tail, because what Sainz is hoping for doesn't seem to be the case. After the race Grosjean pointed to the actions of Verstappen from the past and saw little wrong in what he did. The actions will most likely be discussed in the drivers briefing prior to the next Grand Prix.

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