Grosjean: 'Why shouldn't I just do it if Verstappen can do it?'

03-08-2020 13:12 | Updated: 03-08-2020 13:17
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Grosjean: 'Why shouldn't I just do it if Verstappen can do it?'

Romain Grosjean does not regret his aggressive actions on the track during the first British GP at Silverstone this year. The Frenchman steered during braking to defend his place and received a warning. His defence: 'Max Verstappen did this often'.

Grosjean drove in the GP of Great Britain high up in the top ten, definitely a place where you would never expect the driver with the accompanying Haas car. Reason for his good track position was the team's decision not to make a pit stop during the safety car unlike all other drivers.

The Frenchman defended the unique spot where he was in with all his might. After all, his team mate Kevin Magnussen was already out of the race and he was able to win the first points for Haas. The fierce defence ended in a foul for which the driver received a warning.

If Verstappen can do it, Grosjean can do it too

Grosjean defends his fierce defensive maneuvers on Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo. He tells that a few years ago the drivers already wanted stricter rules about steering in the braking zone to defend. That came after a few moments of Max Verstappen.

Grosjean: "So yes, I went quite a bit on the limit. I got a warning, but I don't regret it. I only did my best. In both cases I sent in late, but I left enough room for the others."

"I agree we shouldn't send so late, but there were no rules at first. Verstappen has done it many times in his races so I thought: 'Why don't I do it too? Why can't I take advantage of it?' It doesn't happen to me every day that I end up in sixth or seventh place. I had to do everything I could to defend those places."

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