Wolff: "No championship is worth less than the other"

03-08-2020 13:09
by GPblog.com
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Wolff: No championship is worth less than the other

Lewis Hamilton is ahead of the number two teammate Valtteri Bottas after four Grands Prix by a wide margin. The thirty point lead gives a buffer, but Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff stresses that it hasn't been done yet and that each championship - shorter or longer - weighs equally heavily.

Mercedes does good business in the constructors' rankings. They can grab that title without much effort, it seems. The drivers are also title favourites. Although the season is shorter than normal because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wolff emphasises that the championship is worth nothing less.

BBC quotes the Austrian: "I don't think one championship is worth less than another. You can say that a shorter championship results in fewer mistakes and fewer races where you don't finish".

Title not acquired yet according to Wolff

Wolff added in the Radio 4 Today's programme: "For us and certainly for other dignitaries in the sport, a championship is as valuable as all the others". Although the team has once again started a strong F1 season, Wolff says the team is not yet thinking about achieving the title in 2020.

"We are not ready to claim the title yet. You have to have the mindset of permanent scepticism. You have to stay with both feet on the ground and know that it's not over until it's over".

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