F1 examines compounds second GP at Silverstone: "If necessary we adapt"

03-08-2020 12:18
by GPblog.com
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F1 examines compounds second GP at Silverstone: If necessary we adapt

During the last three laps of the first GP at Silverstone three drivers got in trouble. Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz drove the hard compound and all three saw their left front tyre explode. The FIA and Pirelli are now investigating whether it would be wise to not bring softer tyres for the second race.

The unique situation that two races are driven on the same track in a row also creates unique opportunities. For example, Pirelli decided to bring different tyres for both races. In the second race the field will have to choose from three softer compounds than the previous weekend.

The FIA and Pirelli are investigating whether it is necessary to cancel this step to the softer tyre. Both parties want to avoid exploding tyres, but for that it has to be clear whether it's due to the tyres or to other circumstances. An extra pit stop is in fact a normal way to solve such a problem.

Masi and Isola are willing to take action

Racefans quote race leader Michael Masi about the situation: "Let's wait and see what the research says, I don't want to speculate yet. The FIA and Pirelli are currently working together to see what was the reason for the puncture. From there we will see if we have to do something about it. If necessary, we will make adjustments."

Pirelli boss Mario Isola adds: "Depending on the reason for the problem, we have to find an appropriate solution. That can vary a lot. When it really comes to wear and tear, for example, it doesn't really matter which compounds we bring with us."

"If the punctures were caused by debris on the road, there is of course little we can do. If there is another reason we have to investigate it first. Until then we can't say whether we should change the choice of tyres".

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