Verstappen very sporting: "In the end they deserved to win"

02-08-2020 17:22
Verstappen very sporting: In the end they deserved to win

Max Verstappen was very close to winning the British Grand Prix. The eight-time Grand Prix winner knows that the RB16 is still too far behind the incredible car that Mercedes have designed. 

"In the race, I am four or five tenths off and then a second clear from the cars behind. I want to fight for wins and it's good that the cars behind can't fight so that's good," Verstappen said to Sky Sports. However, he has nothing to fear from the teams behind Red Bull such as Ferrari, Racing Point and McLaren.

"We're one second faster than them. I want to fight for victories, it's quite alone on the track. It is a little boring, but it is what it is."

Red Bull must be patient

In Milton Keynes and Japan at least they do everything they can to conjure up half a second from somewhere.

"We want to close the gap, but that gap will not be closed next week," said the 22-year old. However, victories are not the end of the road.

"A lot can happen with three rounds to go."

Verstappen agrees that a victory was possible today with the sudden punctures of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. Should Red Bull have called his driver in for that second, extra pit stop?

"Lewis was lucky, but he was also unlucky to get that puncture. In the end, they were faster than us and they deserved to win," he concluded sportingly.

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