Windsor after qualifying: "Verstappen has maximized the car"

02-08-2020 11:59 | Updated: 02-08-2020 12:07
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Windsor after qualifying: Verstappen has maximized the car

Max Verstappen put himself in the spotlights again on Saturday. A strong qualifying session brought him to third place. Peter Windsor says that Verstappen 'maximized' his Red Bull Racing car.

Mastermind Newey

"P3, you could say that some observers did say afterwards: ‘Well Max, he must be very dishearted to be so far away from Mercedes.’ I say around Silverstone that is an amazing result for Red Bull Honda. Really impressive," Windsor says in his video after qualifying.

Adrian Newey did a lot of work on the car, according to Windsor. "As I said yesterday Adrian Newey has been doing a lot of work on the performance of that car on the high speed and medium-speed corners. And Adrian still is, despite all those years and the pencil, Adrian is still the man. Absolutely brilliant," the British continued.

Getting everything out of the car

Windsor is impressed by the last lap of Verstappen. According to the Brit, the Dutchman was on the limit of the car. "And Max, of course, maximised the car as he so often does. He found four-tenths going into the last run into Q3 that’s very impressive when you’ve already given a 100% in the first run and the car on the absolute limit. That’s really impressive to outqualify Racing Point, but as it happened, Ferrari as well, because Ferrari did make progress," ends Windsor.

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