Hülkenberg sees opportunities: "It's going to be interesting to see"

01-08-2020 15:52
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Hülkenberg sees opportunities: It's going to be interesting to see

This weekend Nico Hülkenberg is filling in for Sergio Perez who tested positive for the coronavirus. The German driver immediately did very well in the Racing Point and just missed out on a Q3.

Satisfied after qualifying

“I feel there was more potential and I didn’t get everything on the table. But with these circumstances, it’s also very hard. I don’t think you can get everything from the car with these circumstances.

"But it was small margins, Q3 was not far away, we played around with some different compounds. It was a bit tricky also with the rhythm. It is what it is for today,” said Hülkenberg to Sky Sports F1.

"I think some of the top 10 runners will also start on the medium. It’s gonna be interesting to see. Every situation I enter in with the car is new. I have to soak everything in and digest it fast.

“These cars are beasts. I’ve never so much G’s in the corners. It’s very tough.” concludes the German.

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