Verstappen: "You saw right away that Mercedes is way too fast here"

01-08-2020 15:27
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Verstappen: You saw right away that Mercedes is way too fast here

Max Verstappen was again the driver closest to Mercedes at the Silverstone circuit. In one lap, however, he was far too slow to challenge them and that's why third place on the grid was the best he could do.

"The lap itself was good in the end, but you could see early in qualifying that they were way too fast. Just like the last races. You just have to accept that. After Hungary, a third place is a good starting point. I think we are a bit closer in the race. At least I'm going to fight!

"With these new cars of the last few years, the wind has a lot of influence. Because we have so much wing and the cars are so wide, but compared to yesterday it was a lot better."

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