Pirelli: "Portimao is the toughest circuit of the new tracks"

01-08-2020 13:24 | Updated: 01-08-2020 15:18
by GPblog.com
Pirelli: Portimao is the toughest circuit of the new tracks

For the first time since 1996, a Grand Prix will be held on Portuguese soil. Portimao has been introduced after the to organise races in the 2020 season due to the coronavirus. According to Pirelli-boss Marco Isola, it could be a surprising Grand Prix.

Difficult Grand Prix

In addition to the fact that Formula 1 has never been for an official Grand Prix on the Portimao circuit, the track is also getting a new layer of asphalt. According to Isola, the track in Algarve will be heavy for the tyres, even without the new surface generating extra grip. "Portimao is the highest severity circuit of the new ones", Isola says to Motorsport.com. "It’s hard on tyres, it’s hard in terms of layout, and also the tarmac is abrasive."

In August the circuit will get a completely new layer of asphalt. "The target is to have asphalt that is similar to the one we have now, but we know a new asphalt is always different from an old one", says Isola.

Pirelli will take the hardest tyres

Isola expects Pirelli to bring the three hardest compounds to Portugal. "The other point, and we won’t discover that until we get to Portimao, is that with the new tarmac we’ll have a much higher level of grip, and much lower wear. And that means we have a lot of heat in the tread, and that is something that the teams will have to manage during the weekend", ended Isola.

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