Szafnauer: "We don't like to disclose details of our contracts"

01-08-2020 09:35 | Updated: 01-08-2020 09:59
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Szafnauer: We don't like to disclose details of our contracts

Last week the news came out that Sergio Perez might have a possible exit clause in his contract. This would mean that the Mexican would have to know more about his future by 31 July at the latest. Racing Point now reports that this exit clause is not included in Perez' contract.

Racing Point is currently negotiating with Sebastian Vettel about a possible seat on the team that will be named Aston Martin in 2021. Lance Stroll and Perez are already under contract with the team for a longer period of time, so one of them will have to leave the team against the agreed terms. 

A clause in Perez' contract

"We usually don't like to disclose the details of our contracts," says team boss Otmar Szafnauer when asked by "But I'm taking the opportunity to tell you that the option that's being talked about is not true."

Perez has already confirmed that there are other clauses in his contract that make it possible to terminate his contract prematurely. These relate mainly to his sponsorship agreements.

Vettel takes his time

Vettel announced earlier on Thursday that he was 'in no hurry' to make a decision about his future. After six years of loyal service at Ferrari, he will, in any case, leave the Scuderia.

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