Is the Red Bull closer to Mercedes? "It's hard to predict"

01-08-2020 08:23 | Updated: 01-08-2020 09:55
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Is the Red Bull closer to Mercedes? It's hard to predict

Christian Horner says he doesn't know if Red Bull Racing are closer to Mercedes this weekend. They are still the team to beat according to the team boss of Red Bull.

Opportunities in Britain?

"It’s so hard to predict. I think we’ve had a positive first session," says Horner at the FIA press conference when asked if Red Bull and Max Verstappen are closer to Mercedes after the first three races.

"I think all things that we know from the first couple of races is that Mercedes do have quite a significant advantage and we’re working as hard as we can to reduce that but they only match their pace to the cars that are behind," continues Horner.

True pace

"I still think they have quite a lot in hand which is what you see when Bottas is chasing to catch Max over those last few laps. It’s only then that you see their true pace whereas Lewis, for the last couple of races, has definitely been pacing himself so as not to stress his car unnecessarily," ends Horner.

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