Tung about new engineer Albon: "They were almost fighting on the radio"

01-08-2020 07:46 | Updated: 01-08-2020 09:55
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Tung about new engineer Albon: They were almost fighting on the radio

Alexander Albon has been driving with a new race engineer since the start of the British Grand Prix weekend. From now on Simon Rennie will assist Albon during the race weekends. According to Ho-Pin Tung, the switch has been an important one.

Correct changeover

According to Tung, it could be very important for Albon to work with Rennie now instead of Mike Lugg. "In Hungary, after qualifying, you saw that Albon was almost fighting on the radio. He then complained a lot about being sent out in traffic, so he didn't have a good qualifying session," Tung told those at the Ziggo Sport F1 Cafe.

"That's one of those things, if there's a bit of friction, you don't want that. There isn't enough time for that in a weekend. Everything has to run like clockwork," continues Tung.

Engineer can change

Robert Doornbos completely agrees with Tung. "Albon had a dramatic season so far in terms of speed. A good engineer can help to change that, but you have to get the right feedback from him. As a driver, it has to be your buddy. One word is enough if there is something wrong with the car," concludes the former F1 driver.

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