Verstappen: "When you get out of the car, you think "what a retard you are!"

31-07-2020 22:36 | Updated: 31-07-2020 22:39
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Verstappen: When you get out of the car, you think what a retard you are!

Max Verstappen did a great job in Hungary again by finishing in seventh place in second place. However, the weekend will mainly be remembered by what happened just before the race. In conversation with Olav Mol on Ziggo Sport he looks back on that. He asks him if he gave a shout when it happened.

"I just wanted to get back as soon as possible, because I knew there wasn't much time", says Verstappen about the moment he parked his RB16 in the band pile during the reconnaissance lap. "It sucks and you don't want it, but I don't swear under the helmet anyway. Maybe it's thoughtful, but at that moment you're so busy bringing the car back, so there hasn't been that shouting".

Verstappen hard for himselve

However, a moment later on the grid there was also a moment of rest in which he could look back on his action. Here too the Dutchman is golden. "But of course you think 'what a retard you are' when you get out of the car. Really 'how can you do this'. But fortunately it all turned out well."

Getting out is visibly uncomfortable when he uses that word, because he got into trouble with it in the past when he used that term for a steward. It does indicate how Verstappen felt when he had to watch his mechanics repair his car at the last minute.

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