Horner guilty: "Knowing that the car we gave them is not optimal"

31-07-2020 18:50
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Horner guilty: Knowing that the car we gave them is not optimal

There has been a lot of criticism of Alexander Albon in recent weeks. Max Verstappen's team mate is said to be too slow and the gap between the two Red Bull Racing drivers is not closing. At the press conference Christian Horner will speak up for his driver after some critical questions.

"I think there has been criticism if Alex, which in some ways has been unwarranted and unfair. If you look back to the first race in Austria, through strategy he was in a position to arguably win that race and was taken out by Lewis Hamilton and he finished fourth in the next race and fifth in the next race," Horner says.

Albon is under considerable pressure

"We know the car we have provided our drivers with this year isn’t optimised and it has had some difficult characteristics and for a driver that doesn’t have experience, he’s only just had over a year’s worth of Formula 1 experience, that’s a tough call," the Red Bull boss continues.

Horner understands that Albon still needs a little help, and has therefore hired an experienced race engineer for him. Still, Albon can be proud even now. "But the way he has handled the situation, the way he has handled the pressure has been impressive."

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