Wolff about Racing Point: "With our concept their car is much better"

29-07-2020 14:32
by GPblog.com
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Wolff about Racing Point: With our concept their car is much better

Toto Wolff has been Mercedes' successful team boss for many years, and again this year they have the strongest package. Racing Point has since this year switched to the concept of Mercedes, legal or illegal is still in demand, and has brought the team a lot of progress.

In any case, Wolff sees that they have a better car at Racing Point than in previous years. Years in which they tried to follow the concept of other competitors at Racing Point. Not always with success, even though they were once 'best of the rest' in the constructors' championship. Fourth behind the three top teams at the time.

Mercedes concept

This year at Racing Point they hit the right chord with the 'pink Mercedes'. The car goes like a train, something that hasn't escaped Wolff's notice either. For years Mercedes didn't have the best chassis but that's not the case anymore. The German team seems to beat the competition on all fronts.

Mercedes has never followed the concept of its competitors and Racing Point is now also following Mercedes after buying a lot of products from the Germans: "It is interesting that Racing Point has followed this concept (of the competition) for a long time but that never worked with our gearbox. Now they have switched to our concept, with a lower car height, and the car is much better. But I can't say if this is the best concept, at least we've been striving for it for years", said the team boss of Mercedes versus Auto Motor Sport.

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