Norris: "I've done that before, it just never appeared on social media"

28-07-2020 08:16 | Updated: 28-07-2020 11:24
Norris: I've done that before, it just never appeared on social media

Lando Norris was spotted working helping his mechanics on disassembling his car in his garage after the Hungarian Grand Prix. According to the young Brit, it is nothing special, just the first time it was shown to the made public.

Nothing new

"It's something I've done quite a few times before; it's just never gone on social media", Norris said to the BBC. He adds that it's only possible if he doesn't fly straight back to Britain, where he lives.

"I've done it since karting, really. I've always enjoyed doing it. But I guess in F1 it's a bit different. I loved taking things apart as a kid. I enjoy it. It's quite cool - to go and take apart an F1 car and work with the mechanics is good fun. And it's good for the team that we're working together and I'm helping them", continues the McLaren driver.

Rather spend time with the car than Netflix

"We have some good laughs and I enjoy spending time and working with the mechanics and the engineers. Will [Joseph], my engineer, does it too. The only other thing I'd be doing would be going back and watching Netflix and I prefer working on the car", Norris concludes.

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