Rosberg studies Racing Point: "This is one on one the same"

24-07-2020 17:31 | Updated: 24-07-2020 18:18
Rosberg studies Racing Point: This is one on one the same

The Racing Point has been under a lot of criticism in recent weeks. Their car already looked a lot like the Mercedes at the start of the season, but this was followed by an official protest from Renault, seemingly supported by a large part of the starting field. Nico Rosberg therefore takes a close look at the similarities.

He does this for RTL Germany, who were able to find two photographs of the Mercedes and the Racing Point in the studio in which the cars were photographed at exactly the same angle. This shows that especially the front of both cars is almost the same.

Protest focuses on the brakes

"You can see the nose is completely identical here. That rounding at the front and the notch behind are one on one the same", Rosberg says when he points to the absolute tip of the nose. Even further back, however, the similarities are still large.

"People need to know that you can buy certain parts of the top teams. You can see that Racing Point bought the suspension and airbrakes for the brakes from Mercedes last year, but that's not allowed as of this season. If that [the brake levers] is the same as the Mercedes one-on-one, that could be a problem for them."

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