Vettel to Racing Point? 'After this weekend we'll know more'

23-07-2020 17:51 | Updated: 23-07-2020 17:53
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Vettel to Racing Point? 'After this weekend we'll know more'

Will Sebastian Vettel find a place on another team before 2021? That's the big question in the silly season since it is known that he won't come out ahead of Ferrari. His best hope for this seems to be Racing Point and reportedly that next weekend will make a decision about the possible arrival of the German.

At least that's what Michael Schmidt, reporter at Auto Motor und Sport, says. In Formel Schmidt, his review of the last Grand Prix weekend, he goes through the latest rumours around the four-time world champion.

Decision on Perez and Stroll comes later

His sources tell him that Racing Point will decide next weekend if they want to offer Vettel a seat at all for next year. The team will then go through life as Aston Martin, and although investments are being made, it remains to be seen whether they will be willing to pay Vettel's salary.

Vettel has already indicated that he won't do it for the money, but unlike Sergio Perez, he won't take any sponsorship money with him. The latter has to fear for their spot together with Lance Stroll. Who of the two is going to lose weight is not sure yet. According to Schmidt, the team will only consider that when they are sure they want Vettel.

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