Williams congratulates Racing Point after copy: "Maybe you have to"

21-07-2020 14:15 | Updated: 21-07-2020 15:25
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Williams congratulates Racing Point after copy: Maybe you have to

Dave Robson, Williams' performance engineer, sees no harm in the much-discussed copy of the Racing Point car. The car would look too much like last year's Mercedes, but Robson doesn't agree.

"Copying has always been an important part of the game we play. The problem is that these cars are so complicated that you have to be able to copy the concept, so if you can watch all the videos and understand how and why the Mercedes works", says Robson in conversation with Motorsport-total.com.
Some parts are fairly easy to copy, Robson observes. "As far as driving heights are concerned, some of the most important parts of the aero surfaces can be seen. If you can copy all of this, understand how it works and add it to your own car, that's fair play. Racing Point has copied great."

Extraordinary good

The engineer sees no problem in this. "I think it's all part of the game and they've done exceptionally well." Robson is also considering making a copy of another car in the future. "Maybe you should. The difference in pace between Mercedes and the rest is huge."


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