Brundle: "It's not good that Ocon doesn't play the 'team game'"

15-07-2020 13:48
Brundle: It's not good that Ocon doesn't play the 'team game'

Daniel Ricciardo was faster than his teammate Esteban Ocon at one point last weekend, but didn't get past it. The Australian driver asked Renault if Ocon would pass him, but that didn't work out. Ocon finally dropped out and now in retrospect Martin Brundle at Sky Sports F1 states in his column that Ocon should play more the 'team game'.

Faster Ricciardo

"Renault faced the situation where the McLaren-bound Ricciardo really should have been eased by his team-mate, Ocon." Because Ocon held up Ricciardo, he lost time that he could have used more usefully later in the race. The fact that no 'call' came from the team was discussed behind closed doors, but Ocon should also have realized that he should have acted differently.

"Esteban is an impressive fighter, but as with his days at Force India he must realise that working as a team is not a weakness, and certainly a maturity the big teams look for." Something Ocon still has to get into his system, instead of mainly choosing for himself, which can be disadvantageous.

"They were holding each other up in what will likely be a season-long scrap with McLaren and Racing Point", Brundle points out that Ocon needs to be a team player if they want to be the best against the other two mentioned teams.

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