Berger: "Distance between Mercedes and Red Bull is about three tenths

15-07-2020 11:48 | Updated: 15-07-2020 12:05
Berger: Distance between Mercedes and Red Bull is about three tenths

Alexander Albon did well during the first Austrian Grand Prix, until he was knocked off the track by Lewis Hamilton. Because of that action his chances on the podium faded (for the second time) and that hit Albon hard. Had it not been for that, he would certainly have been able to win the first Grand Prix, according Gerhard Berger.

Betting money on Albon

In conversation with ServusTV, the former Formula 1 driver says: "I would put my money on Alex." In the first race the driver of Red Bull Racing was in an excellent position because everything turned out in his favour, but the collision with Hamilton terminated his chances on a good result.

"The strategy was good, it was his turn. Of course you have to pass a Hamilton first and then Bottas. But with the kind of ties he had, I would have put my money on Alex." To no avail, because Albon fell far back and didn't have enough time to drive to the front. The penalty for Hamilton didn't help him either, because he was too far behind.

Strong Red Bull in Hungary...

Mercedes has a comfortable lead in Berger's eyes, but everything can change in Hungary. "The tragic thing is that if you look a little deeper, you realize that Hamilton certainly didn't have to give everything he had. The first weekend they had a four tenths lead. Red Bull reacted very well and changed a few things at the bottom so over the week."

According to Berger, she made it faster, but Mercedes was also able to develop quickly. Moreover, in the second race the cars were considerably less at risk when using the kerbstones. In addition, the Red Bull Ring played to the advantage of the German team, since it is a circuit on which the pace is high.

"I think there is still a distance of three tenths. But I have to say: The Red Bull Ring is an absolute powerhouse. Now we're going to see how the cars do in Hungary," Berger concluded. Normally the Hungaroring Red Bull is better than the Red Bull Ring, so that should create new opportunities for Verstappen and Albon.

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