Red Bull loses no less than 20 horsepower!

14-07-2020 15:30
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Red Bull loses no less than 20 horsepower!

Mercedes was, as often happens, enormously dominant during the second GP of Austria last weekend. Especially Lewis Hamilton was giving a masterclass on the circuit of Spielberg, and drove the whole race in the lead. Despite the dominance of Mercedes in recent years, many people were surprised when they saw that close opponent Red Bull Racing, was so far behind their rival from Germany.

The surprise was mainly due to the high expectations that Red Bull had set at the beginning of the season. After all, Red Bull would have taken a very big step towards the Mercedes engine with Honda. At least, that's what they thought...

The Honda on spot two

Because whoever had looked at the metric data of the Grand Prix. Had seen that the Honda engine has about 20 bhp less than the Mercedes engine. These data are in the hands of Motorsport. This largely explains and confirms what we saw last weekend. The big German Mercedes dominates, again. Nevertheless Honda still stands neatly on the spot, in front of Renault. That 35 bhp has to give in. Nothing is known about the Ferrari engine.

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