Isn't the speed of Racing Point a little suspicious?

14-07-2020 14:25
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Isn't the speed of Racing Point a little suspicious?

Renault and Racing Point used to be strong allies when it came to leading the midfield. Fighting against the emerging Haas F1 team. However, that relationship has changed since Japan 2019. During that race in Japan, the then Force India criticised Renault for driving with illegal brakes. And that criticism yielded success: Renault was later disqualified by the race management, and lost valuable World Championship points.

Since then, the rivalry between the two teams hasn't diminished. What's more, Renault now also comes up with a complaint against Racing Point. This time it is about the brake ventilation. They're small, but complex. You may be able to get an exact copy of the outer shape through photographs, but with the internal workings of the air ducts, that's difficult. If Renault could prove that the inside and outside of the air ducts are identical, it could be difficult situation for Racing Point.

What does Mercedes have to do with it?

If Renault is right, both Mercedes and Racing Point would have to account for it. Since all parts have to be designed on the cars themselves, it is illegal for Racing Point to take over the inside of the brake ventilation from Mercedes. Mercedes would then have given Racing Point the opportunity to take a look at the exact construction of the brake ventilation. And with that Mercedes would be in trouble. 

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