Ferrari takes step in Hungary to recover from backlog

13-07-2020 17:42 | Updated: 13-07-2020 17:56
Ferrari takes step in Hungary to recover from backlog

A huge gap has fallen for Ferrari to its former competitors. The traditional top three no longer seem to exist in the same form. Mercedes is quick and Red Bull Racing can pass somewhat at its old level, but Ferrari is far behind. In Hungary the team hopes to overcome the loss with an upgrade package.

At the moment the Scuderia is fifth in the championship. That's not so strange after the unfortunate race in Styria. Zero points were taken home. In an attempt to get back to the top, the first parts of a big new package will be taken in Hungary.

Together with Haas, Alfa Romeo and Williams, Ferrari sticks to the old aerodynamic configurations so far. At Silverstone the completely renewed aerodynamic package will be on display and will work, according to the Italian branch of

New radiators and exhausts for the SF1000

With Ferrari there is a big problem in the middle of the car. The car can't be cooled properly because the hot air gets stuck around the core of the SF1000. The improvements in Hungary should help the car to "breathe" better.

"A logical train of thought would be that the exhausts have been redeveloped so that there is more space for an air duct and cooling can take place more easily. In short: Ferrari will make substantial but not detailed changes that could influence the behaviour of the car".

Ferrari is still free to handle the exhausts this season. From next season they will have to be a lot more careful with that. One of the few rule changes that have not been postponed to 2022 is the limit of a maximum of eight exhausts in a season.

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